ShoresoxShoreline Erosion Control

Meeting the Velocity, Meeting the Volume II

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ShoresoxShoreline Erosion Control

Meeting the Velocity, Meeting the Volume

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ReviveOne foot at a time!

After eleven years of research and development, it is time to present the innovative, new Shoresox.

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RenewShorelines & Hillsides

Restoring the earth the way nature intended... one foot at a time.

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Reclaim100% Degradable

Providing a foundation for complete vegetative and shoreline restoration, the way nature intended!

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Shoreline Erosion: Meeting the Velocity, Meeting the Volume

Flooding at Ogden Dunes
Ogden Dunes, IN, is a picturesque town to the west of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Also bordering the town is an area water manager James Kopp describes as a “long lake, more like a swamp, about a mile long and 3 to 4 feet deep with a varying width.”

At a narrow end is Ogden Dunes, where three years ago there was so much rain that 18 inches of water covered the road for four days. The town used sand dikes as a temporary structure to control the water.

“The Indiana Department of Environmental Management [IDEM] didn’t like that, so we had to come back and do something else,“ notes Kopp. Shoresox—a biodegradable berm filled with organic material such as cornstalks—were chosen to deal with the problem.

“We put the Shoresox along the edge and dug the edge out a little bit to give us a better water’s edge or barrier and put the socks in,” says Kopp, adding that the town also planted vegetation in the Shoresox.

Erosion Control Image

Erosion control done naturally with sub surface staking system for a safe long term erosion control solution with natural biodegradable products.

The installation process entailed using a backhoe to dig down 20 inches and put the Shoresox along the banks. “We built it up with the material we took out to make it straight and give it some water depth on the other side,” says Kopp.

The cornstalk material in the Shoresox helps absorb water and prevents it from channeling, allowing it to puddle and sink into the sand.

“After it rains, everything’s gone in about 20 minutes,” Kopp says.

Erosion control with ShoreSox®

Photo: OGDEN DUNES WATER WORKS Erosion Control – Temporary sand dikes controlled the initial flooding. Shoresox is the long term fix for erosion control

In addition to the Shoresox, the town planted wildflowers in the area, funded by a $10,000 grant.

The Shoresox have held up well, notes Kopp. “We had to get something that IDEM would accept,” he says. “They had experience with this. It seemed like the best solution for our application.”



Author: Carol Brzozowski writes on the topics of technology and industry. “Erosion Control Magazine”