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Fill the containment system with locally grown organic fill material such as corn stalks, pine straw, oat straw, compactable (fertilizer- free) vegetation compost etc…


Roll the SHORESOX™ fabric over the organic fill material so as to completely enclose the material and encompass the shore bank.

Place and partially secure the empty SHORESOX™ containment system in its intended location.

The SHORESOX™ system is simple to use. Installation can be accomplished by almost anyone. The process does not require the use of complex, destructive or costly equipment or machinery.

Using common hand tools, SHORESOX™ installation is completed a follows:



Secure SHORESOX™ to the firm soil of the shore bank or hillside using the patented anchoring system. Then imbed native plants into the SHORESOX™ material.

Note: SHORESOX™ can be used in conjunction with many “hard armoring” systems that may already be in place (for example, stone rip rapping) in order to provide the important advantages of filtering and buffering.

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Its innovative design thrives in harmony with the principles of physics and the unwavering laws of nature.
  • • Bioengineered, Eco-Friendly & Effective (click for details)

    • Immediately halts soil erosion and stabilizes shorelines and hillsides

    • Long lasting results that continue to improve over time

    • Superior buffering and filtering results in improved waterways and ecosystems

    • Biodegradable and photo-degradable materials naturally degrade over a planned period

    • Exceptional water retention and wicking properties for vigorous growth of new vegetation

    • The only erosion control system that encompasses the shore bank and integrates into the shore bank literally
       becoming part of the earth.

  • • Open Design System – Optimum Flexibility  (click for details)

    • Uses locally sourced organic fill which benefits the local farming economy
• Available in many lengths and able to follow natural contours of shoreline
• Solves slope problems with no need for shoddy stacking of materials
• Broad coverage - one linear foot of SHORESOX™ provides approximately 5 ½ square feet of coverage
• Lightweight materials allow SHORESOX™ to be shipped at a fraction of the cost of commonly used erosion control products • SHORESOXTM can be hand carried to the installation site with no heavy machinery that would cause collateral damage to the existing environment.
  • • Patented Safe Anchoring System  (click for details)

    • Attaches directly to “intact” shore bank NOT to unstable shore bed

    • Provides for backfilling of additional growth fill materials and new vegetation

    • Allows SHORESOX™ to be re-tensioned whenever necessary

    • Subsurfaces/ below ground stakes virtually eliminates injury liability to humans and animals

    • System actually “self-tightens” due to its ability to manage incredible weight displacement

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